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Adversity comes to us all. Jesus promised that we would face tribulation, but we can rejoice in Him through every difficult season.

I created the Lead2Serve Podcast as a source of encouragement and hope for you in your personal walk with Jesus.  I want you to know you’re not alone in your service to Jesus, especially when it gets tricky.

Season 4 starts with a discussion on how adversities often reveal new opportunities. God is always ready to lead and guide you into new spiritual growth and strength areas.

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  • Elaine says:

    I like LEAD2SERVE We need to move forward from the devastion caused by the pandemic and adapting to new ways without changing The WORD.bc the WORD ALWAYS STAYS THE SAME . I have a new insight on All You Pastor/teachers Of the Word. It made my heart sad that this effected You in this way. Continual prayer for all Pastors. @ that time I was very sick and needed surgery so I basically prayed all day long and left the TV on at night for comforting prayer . It was a serious surgery and due to all the sickness was postponed for approximately 1 yr due to covid they actually called it an elective surgery it was carcinoma tumor. I couldn’t figure it out there was so much stuff happening it was hard to watch the news I remember being in my living room face down flat out playing so hard I actually thought I felt God’s presents I would be overcome with fear and trembling but I just laid there talking with God . It sure was a difficult time always being reminded of the death toll worrying praying for our children our country our world Thank You 4 Sharing

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